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About Us


Let's be honest. Church can be confusing. We are keeping it simple here at Bethel. There are three phrases that best sum up the mission of Bethel Church and they are live by faith, love like Christ, and learn to serve.

Live by faith

The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God, so living by faith is central to what we do at Bethel.  It isn't just any faith, but faith in the God of the Bible who has made himself known in his son Jesus Christ.

Love like Christ

Jesus said that when we love others like he loves us it is one of the sure signs that we truly belong to him. At Bethel we focus not only on helping people to have faith in Christ, but also on helping them to demonstrate that faith in loving relationships with others.

Learn to serve

Jesus lived a life of service to God and others and call his followers to do the same. He also said that the greatest among his followers would be the servant of all. It seems clear that to follow Jesus means to live a life of service. We encourage everyone to find a place where they can live out their faith in service to others.



We are a part of the Church of the Nazarene, a protestant church with a presence that stretches around the world. At Bethel, we are a local church with a global mindset. We network with other Nazarene churches to support 800 missionaries in 150 world areas. Through our giving to missions we support pastors, teachers, schools, clinics, hospitals and training centers all over the world. Our global mission is to make Christ-like disciples in the nations. This is also being accomplished through projects like the Jesus Film, child sponsorship and short term mission trips.


More about the Church of the Nazarene can be found at Home - Church of the Nazarene.

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Meet our pastor
Pastor Joel Gay

Pastor Joel is a native of the Midwest.   He spent many years in youth and music ministry before taking a big leap - a move to Utah and to lead pastoring.  After several years out west, Joel and Allison returned to the Midwest to continue their ministry.  They seek to make ministry practical and relational.   They are newbies at “empty-nesting” but are finding plenty of opportunities to hike, play games, enjoy documentaries and explore Michigan.

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